Home fragrance reed diffuser in a vintage French amber bottle and natural wood collar, delight the senses and sets a sense of warmth and character into your home decor. It works equally well in modern and traditional homes.

150 ml 
Available in six signature scents

Reed Diffuser

  • • Australiana (Lemon Myrtle)
    Fresh and therapeutic Lemon Myrtle, a green herbal blended with light citrus note. Evoke your senses with this unique Australian scent.

    • English Garden (Rose, Lily & Lilac)
    Enrich your senses with this splendid floral blend. Bursting with every imaginable floral notes of lily, lilac, and hyacinth with a middle note of musky rose. Bring a luxurious feel into your home or your garden with a cup of your favourite tea.

    • Sweet Ceylon (Cinnamon & Vanilla)
    Blended spice of Sri Lankan Cinnamon with a hint of classic vanilla. Perfect for a cozy day, this sweet smelling spice Cinnamon can sharpen your mind whilst Vanilla can elevate your mood.

    • Hello Saigon (Lemongrass & Lime)
    Blended of top notes fresh citrus bergamot and revitalising scent of Lemongrass with squeeze of limes and sweet orange. Cherish the moment with this Vietnamese inspired delicacy.

    • Tropical Java (Coconut & Tropical Citruses)
    A fresh combination of tropical fruits blended with the essential subtle note of coconut, it’s reminisced about the cozy holidays in tropical Java breeze.

    • Crème Brûlée (French Caramels)
    Inspired by the scent of a French Patisserie, this tempting scent captures the essence of warm French caramel and vanilla beans.