Change your styling for less with statement cushions

When it comes to styling your home, let's face it - we like to change it around. Changes in trends, changes in season, it's nice to be able to freshen up the look every now and again.

But changing your look doesn't mean having to spend hundreds of dollars. Making smart choices on where to spend big and where to be budget can mean that you can change the look of your space for a lot less.

Here's my tips on how to freshen up your look by carefully choosing statement cushions and pairing it with budget ones.

Start with your statement cushion

A statement cushion is a cushion you can pull your colour inspiration from. It should be patterned or have a print of some kind and include multiple colours. This means you can pair it with different coloured throws, quilts, art, etc. You can keep up with colour trends just by changing what's behind it.

Add simple budget cushions

There's no need to pay top dollar for all your cushions. Buy one awesome statement cushion and pair it with some simple, budget cushions. Go for solid colours and maybe some texture. Not only can you create amazing looks, you can also change the look for a lot less. See below how we've created three different looks by pairing our Summer Banksia cushion with some budget cushions from Kmart, Big W and Target.

Be smart with your colours

If your favourite colour is blue, choose your budget cushions in shades of blue. Chances are you will always be drawn to statement cushions that feature a bit of blue, which means you can swap your statement cushion occasionally without having to update your budget cushions. See below how we've created three completely different looks just buy swapping the statement cushion.

Buy covers where you can

If you're like me, you have your winter look and your summer look, which means multiple cushions. My tip to not only save you money but also save on storage is to buy covers only where you can. Stuff your summer cushion inside your winter cover and you've not only saved money on an extra insert you dont need but you've also conveniently stored the other cushion without it taking space in your closet! WIN WIN!

Our entire range of cushions are available with inserts or as covers only. Check them out here.

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