A cupboard + bed legs + a kitchen door = ......

Recently, I was looking for a new entertainment unit for my home but nothing really suited what I needed or wanted. I had a pretty specific list - it should be sleek, high gloss white, big enough cupboards, to fit the huge amp we had, but also enough space to fit the kids gaming consoles without having to have the doors open all the time. Most importantly - I did not want to spend a lot of money.

It turns out my list of items didn't go together. Anything that in was in my budget didn't suit what we needed and anything that ticked the boxes was WAY overpriced. What to do???? If you've read this blog before you'll know I love a good IKEA hack so that's exactly what I did!

To create the unit I used the Besta TV Bench in white ($150) with white gloss doors ($20 each). I screwed the Bjorli bed legs ($20) into the top of the bench and used the Ringhult kitchen door for the top shelf ($60). And there you have it - a custom entertainment unit in high gloss white that is exactly what I wanted and under $300!

What do you think? Have you created an awesome Ikea hack for your home? Make sure you send it to us so we can share it.



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