It started with a light.

One of our favourite jobs at Home Style 4 Less is working with the renovating team at Rainmaker Property. Usually when we stage a property, it's an empty, established home and it's our job to highlight the space and show how each room can work. When we work with the team at Rainmaker, we get to come in at the very start - before they've begun the renovations. We get to chat with them about the space, play around with possible floorplan options and then talk about fittings and colour palettes.

Recently, we worked with them at their Davenport Terrace project and for that property the entire discussion began with a light.

The property was a small courtyard home and with a single-wall kitchen so there wasn't space to have feature pendants in the kitchen. The space did lend itself to a feature pendant over the dining table though and we chose the Croft Pendant in Brushed Copper and Mint from Beacon Lighting.

Usually when we're styling a room, we'll start with an artwork and go from there. We'll choose cushions that pick up colours in the artwork but for Davenport, we started with a light. This choice of light was the first decision we made about the colour palette for the home and everything else followed from there.

We chose soft greys and whites in the paint and furniture to complement the light. Dulux paint colour Dieskau was used for the walls and a Light Grey rug from The Rug Lady was used on the living room floor.

We also added in pops of mint & copper in the decor to match the light and tie it all together. The wonderful people at Babble Designs painted us a mint cement pot to sit on the living room table and we also included the Mint Timber Clock from Target.

The team at Rainmaker Property were really pleased with the finished result, as were we.

If you'd like to see more photos of our styling at Davenport Terrace, you can view them here: Recent Styling

If you'd like to read more about the entire renovation project you can check it out at the Rainmaker Property website: